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Charitable Tax Donations

Win-win-win for workers, employers, and charities


How do you like to contribute to your community? Perhaps you like to donate goods or services, or maybe you prefer to get hands on with some volunteering.


If you are time-poor, but still keen to make a difference, what about setting up automatic charitable tax donations through your payroll system?


There are ways to donate to suit everyone, but this month we have been shining the spotlight on workplace giving, as part of the Australian Charity Fund’s inaugural Workplace Giving Month.


Workplace giving is one of the most simple, yet impactful ways to support a charity, with immediate benefits for you, your employer, and your chosen charity. Essentially, you do not have to worry about keeping receipts or waiting until the end of the financial year to obtain a tax benefit - your employer simply deducts your donation amount from your salary before deducting your tax.


In turn, workplace giving allows charities to raise much-needed funds without the expense often incurred for other fundraising activities, while staff morale is boosted and employees are motivated, resulting in greater staff engagement and retention.


It doesn’t matter how small or large the amount, every donation counts.


If you are interested in supporting Youngcare through workplace giving, please visit our Workplace Giving page for more information. Alternatively, you can contact a member of Youngcare's Fundraising Team on (07) 3041 3400 or at




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