Corporate Partnerships

Youngcare's partnership philosophy is based on collaboration and mutual benefits. We understand that every business’ needs are different and personalise our corporate partnerships to provide maximum benefits to our supporters. We offer direct links to tangible outcomes so our corporate partners and their staff understand exactly where their contributions are making a difference.

There are many ways in which your business, be it big or small, can partner with Youngcare. Through a customised partnership that meets your specific objectives, you will not only be able to enjoy a range of strategic and commercial benefits for your business, but importantly help to keep young Aussies with high care needs out of aged care.

Some of the ways your business can get involved with Youngcare include:

Employee Engagement
Employees can become involved with Youngcare in various ways including team fundraising initiatives, Workplace Giving, volunteering assistance with key fundraising events like the Budgie Bolt, or through skilled volunteering such as training and mentoring.

Volunteers are the soul of Youngcare’s work and without them we could not create real choices for young people with 24/7 care needs. Employee volunteering builds teamwork, company loyalty and encourages a connection with our mission.

Workplace Giving provides essential funds to Youngcare’s work that allows young Aussies to live young lives. Giving programs can be set up from as little as 50cents per week while employers can inspire employee generosity through dollar matching schemes.

Participation in Youngcare Events
Youngcare holds many events each year which engage with our current corporate partners. Participation in events such as the Budgie Bolt and adventure challenges invigorate workplaces and create bonds between team members and Youngcare's cause.

Youngcare offers many ways to sponsor specific events, campaigns and programs. Your business will be given a range of tailored benefits and recognition to meet your specific sponsorship objectives.

Goods and Services
Youngcare relies on the generous contributions of companies who give their time, expertise and goods to help young Aussies live the young lives they deserve. Be it professional services to ensure campaigns are successful or donations for raffles and auctions at events, Youngcare is extremely grateful to all companies and employees who help to ensure every event and campaign is a success.

Cause-related marketing
Aligning your marketing campaigns with Youngcare's cause can lead to improved brand recognition and increased sales, whilst shining a bright light on an issue that exists in out community. Youngcare advocates can be involved in campaigns, offering real-life insight and understanding into the struggles of young people with high care needs. Throughout Australia, this can create a unique selling opportunity to increase sales and customers.


Flight Centre case study

“The Flight Centre Foundation's partnership with Youngcare has grown over the past 18 months to be an incredibly rewarding one for us and we hope Youngcare feel the same.
The team at Youngcare are willing to go above and beyond to help engage our people in their quest to find age appropriate care solutions for young people with high care needs.  By openly sharing their goals and challenges, as well as involving us in as many volunteer opportunities and events as they can, our people have come to truly understand and embrace Youngcare's cause. We certainly have seen an increase in Workplace Giving in line with this understanding.
Nothing shows this more than our recent privilege to help out Zaine.  When Youngcare called and shared Zaine's story, we immediately knew that this was something really important - the team would not ask otherwise - so we did our best to access some funds. Zaine's story has touched the hearts of the people of Flight Centre, in turn increasing the desire to help where we can.
We consider Youngcare part of our Flight Centre family and vice versa. You know you have a pretty strong relationship when your Global and Australian CFOs are willing to run the streets of Brisbane in their swimwear in support! 

We look forward to continuing to build on this partnership and helping Youngcare face their challenges of the future.”
- Anita Russell, Flight Centre Foundation

Your support, whatever size, whatever shape, can go a long way in making a difference in the lives of young Australians with 24/7 care needs.


For more information or to become a corporate partner, please contact:


Dana Brown - Partnerships Manager on (07) 3041 3400 or at


Rosalind Plant  - Partnerships Executive - NSW on (02) 9238 7631 or at


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