Our Work

At Youngcare, we work to provide choice in care and accommodation options for more than 7,000 young Australians with 24/7 care needs currently living in aged care and the further 700,000 who are being cared for at home by family and friends, often with limited support.

We are working to achieve this through the Youngcare Connect information service, the At Home Care Grants program, building permanent accommodation solutions, and undertaking research to better understand the requirements of young people with high care needs.

Youngcare’s philosophy to solving the issue of young people living in aged care is one of collaboration. Our varied work reflects this:

  • At Home Care Grants to assist young people with 24/7 care to remain at home in the care of their loved ones
  • Youngcare Connect to provide information and support to young people with 24/7care, their family and carers
  • Lobbying for policy change to address the gap in the Australian health care sector
  • Fundraising through partnerships and key stakeholder events to fund Youngcare’s work
  • Research to more comprehensively understand the issues faced by young people with high care needs
  • Housing to provide appropriate options.



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