The lack of appropriate care and housing options for young people with 24/7 care needs impacts each young Australian, their family and carers in significantly different ways. Each young Australian with full-time needs receives varying amounts and types of funding, housing, respite care and support depending on the individual situation.

Youngcare takes a collaborative and dynamic approach to providing solutions to this very complex issue. Working with government, business and community, Youngcare has established apartments, developed an At Home Care Grants program to assist people with disabilities to stay at home for as long as possible and a support and information line to assist those who need it most.

Morgan, John, Tim and Emily – just a few of the young Australians that Youngcare has been able to assist – have graciously shared their stories to help shed light on this inappropriate and unacceptable issue.

Morgan | John | Tim | Emily


Other stories


Like these young Australians, you too can share your story and help shed light on this national issue. In doing so, you will play a powerful role in inspiring others to help change the way young people with 24/7 care needs are cared for.


Click here to share your story and help shed light on this enormous injustice. Alternatively, you’re welcome to speak with our team on 1800 844 727 to share your story.


We would love to know:

  • What has been your journey so far?
  • What is your condition?
  • When were you diagnosed and can you remember that day?
  • What were the impacts felt by you and your family?
  • Who helps you on a daily basis?
  • And, what would you say to others to encourage them to support Youngcare so that we can continue to help other young people in serious need of assistance?

With your permission, your story will be used in our advocacy and promotion activities. And if you would prefer, your family, friends and carers are welcome to take part too. Everyone’s story is important, and everyone can make a difference.


We know that creating awareness breeds understanding, and through understanding, comes change. Your story, in your words, can help to make this possible.




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