Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is a simple way for you to donate by a direct debit deduction from your salary. No need to worry about keeping receipts or waiting until the end of the financial year to obtain a tax benefit - your employer simply deducts your donation amount from your salary before deducting your tax so the benefit to you is immediate. To discuss your workplace giving options, please contact your payroll manager.


If you are an employer and thinking of setting up a workplace giving program in your organisation, we can help.  Please call the Youngcare office on (02) 9238 7631 or email


Alternatively you can contact the following agencies:


Australian Charities Fund | Charities Aid Foundation


From little things, big things grow: an example of the power of workplace giving

Collins Foods Group – the company behind Sizzler & KFC (QLD & WA) have a simple motto for their workplace giving program: “A dollar will do and 50 cents is fine”.

Since the program was launched in December 2008 CFL, its employees and customers have generously donated over $400,000 to Youngcare which proves to show you can make a difference.   

Youngcare is lucky to be one of five charities benefiting from the workplace giving program run by CFL, who generously match employee donations (capped at $100K per annum). Employee participation in WPG is very strong with over 50% of employees contributing to the program.  

Youngcare is truly grateful to be a part of the program and would like to recognise the enormous difference CFL and their employees make to the lives of young Australians with full-time care needs.

As a result of an employee survey Youngcare was selected as one of our 5 Charity Partners.  As an organisation with a large percentage of young employees we felt Youngcare a perfect fit for us.  The team at Youngcare have great passion and commitment to making a difference.  We are very proud to partner with Youngcare and look forward to continuing our work together to change people’s lives.                 

-    Kevin Perkins, Chief Executive Officer, Collins Foods Ltd


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